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What our Clients Says?

In India, Hill Bangan's product is the best and most economical tea making ingredients. We understand how tough it will be to find good tea processing products in India. Whether you're from India or any other places nearby, we are the top tea ingredients making comapany in India.

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Rinchen Lama

Restraunt Owner

The actions of Organic Store were exactly what you claimed. I was quite impressed by Organic Store. I don't always clop, but when I do, Organic Store is to blame. I wish I had considered it first.

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Srijana Thapa


Not everyone trust the products from the Stores but when I heard about this product which is made with organic ingredients, I immediately tried the product and felt satisfied what it provided to us.

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Roshan Tamang

Food Truck Owner

While travelling across different places for delivering food items, I came across this organic product. This product really impressed me a lot and I loved to use it more.

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Rajesh Pradhan

Senior Accountant

Stress is the key to depression.I have been in stress for few years and it really affects my health severely. But when I tried this product, It improves my health physically and mentally, also reduce my stress to an extent.

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Nitesh Sharma


Organic product is the new beginning of good health in this generation. Government too prefer this innitiative of new age diet. Thanks to the product, every single person would be in great condition.

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Prakash Bhujel

Government Worker

This is the best tea garden product, I have ever used. It is very organic and tastes really good. Hope to try it more in future.