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About your Tea

First mentioned during the Mugal dynasty was a miraculous tea. Magic tea was discovered when Jahangir was the ruler of the Mugal kingdom...

Magic tea is the one of the ancient tea used innitialy in the mughal empire. During the ages, it got its recognization and people loved the taste of the tea for more than various dacades.


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Why to choose Magic Tea ?

    Those who favor drinking magic tea do so for the following reasons:

  • You get the psychotropic qualities more quickly.
  • In my opinion, it tastes better.
  • It helps in better emerging level.
  • lessens nauseous
  • Various taste enhancers, such as berry, hibiscus, and other tea flavors, can be used with magic tea.
  • You also benefit from the organic herbs's extra qualities, which use its psychoactive components for better additive enchancement metabolism.
  • You have some control over the effect. If you prepare tea, you may choose how much of the ingredient to use, and because the process is speedier at the beginning, you can drink less tea if the magic becomes too strong
  • In contrast, eating magic mushrooms causes the psychedelic effect to develop gradually, persist longer, and increase the likelihood of side effects including extreme nausea.

Facts regarding Magic Tea

Magic The antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals found in tea are exactly what our bodies need to stay strong and healthy. Teas have been used for millennia to calm many kinds of families and Magic added to tea makes it a ice on the cake.

Nothing beats a calming cup of tea, especially after a long day. With so many new tea blends appearing on supermarket shelves, it can be hard to resist the urge to sample them all, even with their not-so-calming price tags.

In reality, many of these tea kinds are merely regular herbal mixes that are relatively simple to prepare at home. They originate from the easiest, least fussy plants you can find, so you could even go a step further and cultivate your own!

You can experiment with growing herb kinds that are less savoury in character and ideal for enhancing the sweetness or fruitiness of your tea in addition to the conventional herbs.

Lemon verbena has a great flavour and an amazing aroma when forced.